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Supply Chain SaaS Web App

I worked with Elemica to build a product component library and SaaS/B2B responsive apps that empowered logistics teams to track and make decisions about shipments.

UX/UI Designer


UX/UI Design
Enterprise Design
Design Systems
Mobile App Design
Web Design

Key problems

Complex tables of data shown with no hierarchy

By using proximity, color, typography, and iconography, I was able to pull actionable insights out for users of Elemica dashboards. This helped reduce cognitive load and was more helpful to the user.

Rigid dashboards where information was cut off or obscured

I built variable layouts that could respond to cases where there was no data or it was in a different language of wide-ranging character length.

My design approach

Due to the confidential nature of our enterprise clients, sometimes we weren't able to interview or survey directly with users. We built out user personas as a way to consider the user in the design process, whether it was a truck driver or an executive.

I also conducted a Zoom user study with a few colleagues internally to test out features.

Visualizing data sets

A picture speaks every language. I often incorporated color, symbols, and iconography that would be helpful to users to reduce the cognitive load of large tables of text.

In a complex interface, this communicated in a way that was memorable and user friendly.

Optimizing a risk management tool

Picture this: you’re a manager who checks daily reports to see what might impact the timeliness of your shipment — weather delays, a train strike, staffing shortages, etc.

Imagine you’re responsible for not just 1 shipment, but hundreds.

At Elemica, I collaborated with a team of product managers and engineers to build a tool that showed the impact of events like weather or strikes on a shipment path, all in a handy and actionable dashboard.