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As a UX/UI Designer at Elemica, I built a design component library and contributed UX/UI design for several logistics web applications.

My Role
UX/UI Designer
My Key Services
  • Enterprise Design
  • UI Design
  • Design Systems
  • UX Design
  • Client
    Core Team
    Senior Designer: Joshua Erickson
    UX/UI Designer: Kelley Wiedman
    Engineering Lead: Antonio Salazar Cardozo

    The Key Problems

    Complex tables of data shown with no hierarchy

    By using proximity, color, typography, and iconography, I was able to pull actionable insights out for users of Elemica dashboards. This helped reduce cognitive load, and was more helpful than showing all data in a large table with no visual hierachy.

    Rigid dashboards where information was cut-off or obscured.

    I prioritized very flexible containers to allow for cases where we many not have data, or the data could be in many different languages of wide-ranging character length.

    More Details

    This work is confidential; reach out to me directly and I can share more about this project.

    Screenshot of Elemica dashboard