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Period Wellness App


I led product design for a period wellness app called Embody. It empowers users by encrypting their sensitive health info locally and by giving personalized, cycle-based insights.

My Role
Product Design Lead
My Key Services
  • Mobile App Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Design Systems
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Client
    Core Team
    Founder: Anna Hall
    Engineer: Dani Bonilha
    Branding: Studio Serafica

    The Key Problems

    Data privacy should be a top priority

    Nearly a third of women in the United States use a period tracker. Clue and Flo sold sensitive customer data to advertising agencies and betrayed their users trust. Embody stores everything locally on your own phone.

    Trackers lack personalized insights

    Trackers don't use logged data effectively and don't show patterns about your cycle (e.g., is it every cycle on Day 10 that I experience a surge of energy?)

    Trackers have a clunky tone & experience

    Period apps are plagued by a lack of relevancy in their cycle info, and a user experience that's full of ads and paywalls.

    Leadership in femtech is male-dominated

    The Embody product leadership team is all women. We brought unique insights and intuition from our own experiences to our solution, and it was one that we all used.

    Early Thinking

    Early on in product scoping, I ran a qualitative user study with 8 of our target users.

    This study helped us focus our initial feature set. It showed that our users thought their existing period trackers lacked:

  • data privacy, especially after the Roe v. Wade decision
  • insightful symptom analysis
  • cycle explanation tips
  • cycle-based planning (exercise, food, etc)
  • I also facilitated a team workshop using the “Jobs to be Done” framework. We used the results of this brainstorm to build a list of key features for our MVP product.

    I referenced common user flows and patterns from leading period apps like Clue, Drip, and Flo.

    Jobs to be done workshop

    My Design Process

    For key features, I first mapped out core user flows to then build wireframes and prototypes. Embody's symptom logging feature was vital to the app experience, so I created Figma prototypes for early testing. I discovered several issues and made improvements to the app design using test findings.

    To leverage Figma components and collaborate with the lead engineer, I built an Embody design system in Figma. This allowed me to scale and maintain consistency as we added product features.

    Wireframes for Embody feature High fidelity design for Embody feature High fidelity design of Analysis screen

    Marketing Embody

    In order to differentiate Embody from the sea of generic stock photography, I hired a brand photographer. I directed a photo shoot capturing shots of Embody users using our app in real-world scenarios.

    This approach won us new fans, as the models from the photo shoot also were excited about the Embody app. The photos performed well in Embody pitch decks and on our social channels.

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    Screenshots of Embody website Image of a woman holding a phone showing the Embody app