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Period Wellness App

Screenshots of Embody app

I worked with Embody to launch a period app with a mission to empower users with personalized menstrual insights and better data protection.

Product Design Lead


Mobile App Design
Product Strategy
Design Systems
Workshop Facilitation
Web Design
Venn diagram showing Embody at the intersection of holistic cycle wellness and data privacy

Why should this app exist?

Lack of data privacy

Other trackers sold sensitive customer data to ad agencies and betrayed user trust. Embody encrypts and stores everything locally.

No personalized insights

Other trackers don't show any patterns in your cycle. Embody uses your log to give you useful insights (e.g. is it every cycle on Day 10 that I feel a surge of energy?)

Lack of education

Other trackers are full of ads and paywalls to access vital information. Embody's core education tools and cycle explanations are accessible to all.

High fidelity design of Analysis and logging screens

Research findings

I validated our assumptions regarding the product market fit with a study. I interviewed 8 of our core users, and this study showed that our users thought their existing period trackers lacked:

  • data privacy, especially after the Roe v. Wade decision
  • insightful symptom analysis
  • cycle explanation tips
  • cycle-based planning (exercise, food, etc)

I also facilitated a team workshop using the “Jobs to be Done” framework.

We used this research to build a list of key features for our MVP product.

Jobs to be done workshop

Embody on the go

I also found in my research that users wanted to be able to view their current cycle status quickly.

We launched an Embody widget so that users can easily see from their phone's home screen what part of their cycle they're in.

Embody widget

My design approach

For key features, I first mapped out the user flow to understand the full user journey. I then built wireframes and prototypes.

I created Figma prototypes for early testing of Embody's symptom logging feature since it's vital to the app experience. I discovered several issues and made improvements to the design.

I built an Embody design system in Figma to better collaborate with the lead engineer and document my design decisions. The design system allowed me to scale and maintain consistency as we added new product features.

Wireframes for Embody feature
High fidelity designs for Embody cycle screen

Bringing Embody to market

I considered many entry points in the user journey for how someone would first learn about the Embody app.

An important first impression was the Embody website. In a sea of generic stock photos, we wanted Embody to show its authenticity. To achieve this goal, I contracted and managed a photo shoot to capture shots of Embody users using our app in real-world scenarios.

We were able to use the user feedback and photography we got during the photo shoot across our socials, pitch decks, app store listings, and the website.

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Image of two Embody users, one with a phone and one wearing an Embody hat
Screenshots of Embody website
Image of a woman holding a phone showing the Embody app