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Figma Workshop for Non-Designers


As a UI Lead, my non-designer colleagues often commented to me how they wanted to improve their Figma skills but didn't know where to start. To help the team's professional growth, I built and ran several voluntary workshops on Figma basics.

My Role
UI Lead / Facilitator
My Key Services
· Workshop Facilitation
· Design Mentorship
· Open Source Publication
· Documentation

My Approach

I started by researching the current resources available. I found that YouTube tutorials, Figma documentation, and Figma Community files were largely geared towards a professional design audience. They were too complex and assumed a lot of existing knowledge.

To fix this, I simplified the material to the essential workflows my colleagues needed and turned it into a remote workshop, facilitated via Zoom. After running several workshops internally, I found that a small group of no more than 3 people at 1 hour in length was the most successful.

Screenshot of Figma workshop Screenshots of workshop

The Results

After seeing success internally, I wanted to provide the workshop to a larger group of folks who may experience this same problem at their organizations. I published the file to Figma Community along with workshop documentation; it's been downloaded 700+ times and viewed 2,000+ times!

View the Community file
Screenshot of results