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As a UI Lead, I led a team of designers from the Keep community DAO to build out a web3 Keep design system.

My Role
UI Lead
My Key Services
  • Design Systems
  • Design Documentation
  • Design Mentorship
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Client
    Keep Network
    Core Team
    CDO: Michael Gluzman
    Community Lead: Will Rhodes

    The Key Problem

    As a Keep design team of one, I had limited bandwidth to build needed Design Ops systems

    I started out an MVP skeleton component library for Keep product work. However, it needed a lot of improvement in documentation and complexity to scale to be a full-fledged design system.

    Early Thinking

    In the Web3 ecosystem, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a loose organization of fans and users of a crypto protocol that congregate on a platform, usually on Discord.

    I started with an ideation workshop with the team, and brainstormed how we could best work with the designers in the Keep DAO.

    A project brief is useful for outside collaboration and sets clear project parameters and expectations. Michael and I chose three ideas, and I wrote project briefs for each.

    Brainstorm session Documentation and Discord

    The Challenges

    No established guidelines for DAO design collaboration

    How would we handle feedback, accountability, and sourcing the right talent? For design, I was successful by writing project briefs, pinging back and forth in Figma, and checking in the Keep DAO Discord.

    Contributors had a large variety of working hours

    Initially, I spent a substantial amount of time coordinating and managing contributions in the DAO Discord. This wasn't sustainable with other work, so I adjusted my availability and checked in via Figma async instead.

    The Results

    Several DAO designers volunteered and I led the project over the course of several months. By the end of the project we had a fully built out Keep design system.

    This resource was a helpful blueprint for future design systems across the Thesis studio, and a best practice template for sourcing expertise from a project DAO.

    Keep design system