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Web3 Financial Dashboard

Keep product dashboard

I worked with Keep to design an improved financial dashboard and website that empowered users to learn more about crypto.

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Keep product dashboard

The key problems

Unfamiliar terminology

I included a Glossary and user documentation to make sure that our dashboard was accessible to as broad of an audience as possible.

Overwhelming interfaces with too much data

To avoid cognitive overload, I chunked relevant information into sections and abstracted away info that didn't help the user accomplish key tasks like staking and depositing.

Keep product dashboard
Keep product dashboard

Design challenges

Design team of one

I embraced wearing many hats at Keep. I worked on the marketing website, the product documentation, as well as the product design for the web app. Since I had time constraints, I built out a skeleton component library for Keep product work.

Web3 UX is challenging

The user experience for web3 tools is still developing. Interactions that are common to every web3 dashboard are foreign to the majority of users (e.g. using and connecting a crypto wallet to a protocol).

Working with the community

In the Web3 ecosystem, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a loose organization of fans and users of a crypto protocol that congregate on a platform, usually on Discord.

I saw the opportunity to leverage our community to help me build out the Keep design system. How would we handle feedback, accountability, and sourcing the right people from our community? I ran an ideation workshop to generate ideas.

I wrote a project brief and submitted it to our Discord, and was lucky to find several design volunteers.

At the end of the project, we had a full-fledged design system that was also a useful blueprint to other studio projects at Thesis (the parent company of Keep).

Brainstorm session
Keep design system
Keep design system